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  • FULL NAME: Christopher Matthew Redfield
  • NICKNAME(S): Captain, Mr. Sexfield, CHRRRIIIISSSSSS
  • AGE: 41
  • DATE OF BIRTH: May 18, 1973
  • OCCUPATION: Special Operations Unit Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance
  • RELIGION: Agnostic 
  • SEXUALITY: Heterosexual


  • HEIGHT: 6’1”
  • WEIGHT: 216 lbs 
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYE COLOR: Blue
  • DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Chris has numerous scars from years of combat, most of them faded.


  • HOMETOWN: Warren, Michigan
  • FINANCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class
  • EDUCATION LEVEL: High school diploma; years of “on the job” training
  • FATHER: Jack Redfield
  • MOTHER: Jennifer Redfield, née Becker
  • SIBLINGS: Claire Redfield, younger sister
  • EXTENDED FAMILY: Scruffles, pet dog; members of the B.S.A.A.; former members of S.T.A.R.S.

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Anonymous asked:
What video games do you play?

"Video games? I don’t really…" Chris trailed, slowly shaking his head.


"Unless you count the ones on my phone." The captain searched himself for a moment, as if he intended to retrieve it, but stopped short of digging into his pockets. "I’ve got Bejeweled, and this one where you slice fruit… but it’s been years since I sat in front of the TV with a controller.”

Tangled Webs


The spider’s eye lashes fluttered for just a moment, surprised by his answer. He was not like the others she has seduced— he was all business. And the words ‘investigate’ had her blood boil for a moment.

Investigation with strange named companies was definitely not good. She arose from her seat, her teeth clenched and her hands were balls of fists. 

Elise’s red eyes glowed a dim light, and she rolled her shoulders to go back to her cool yet menacing look. The last thing she wanted was a human snooping around her web. 

At least he made himself known. The fly is trapped now.


Relax.” she cooed, swaying her hips as she stepped closer and closer to the man,”This… B.S.A.A. has brought you here for an investigation?” 

A sultry laugh escaped her lips and she blinked slowly, looking up at her bearded prey.

"I’ll be happy to show you around.”

Chris felt his body obey the woman’s suggestion to relax in spite of his resolve, but convinced himself not to worry; the captain had resisted her wily facade, exposed a chink in her armor, and it was enough to visibly rattle her. His toes curled against the soles of their boots when she approached, and he tilted his head down to meet her gaze with clear deliberateness.

"Your cooperation is appreciated.” It wasn’t unlike the line he had recited to another stranger in a similar position not so long ago. Chris fought to keep down the bile that threatened to scorch his throat.

Stepping off to the side, the captain nonchalantly motioned ahead with his gun.


"Ladies first."

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Tangled Webs


"Two new disciples? It must be my lucky day. ♥ “


"Have you come to praise the spider God? Or gaze upon my beauty? “

The sultry whispers, those provocative coos, that alluring expression—all would have been very convincing were Chris not already captivated by another, otherworldly woman; she’s poured enough honeyed words in his ear for him to know that this stranger’s voice was more akin to venom than something truly soothing.

Yet the captain couldn’t deny the small chill running down his spine. He blamed the coolness of the cave.

Neither,” he answered with extra firmness. “I’m here to investigate on behalf of the B.S.A.A.”


|| brother of a friend



          “Chris? We gotta stop meeting on the battlefield and arrange an actual civil gathering. One that doesn’t involve guns.”



Upon recognizing the agent, Chris lowered his weapon and released the breath that had been burning his lungs. Relief was a strong word to call it, especially after China, but the captain soon decided there were worse things out there to run into than a familiar face.

Civil?” he echoed back, smiling crookedly. “That’ll be the day.” Their reunion was short-lived; radio static sliced through the silence, garbled words like alpha and captain and rendezvous thrown into the mix. Chris quickly squeezed a hand around the device, and the silence returned.

"What’s the D.S.O. doing here, Leon?" He took a step forward, his smile from earlier now gone. "I wasn’t aware this was under their jurisdiction."

Adam and Chris || Transmission


If he could, Jensen would try to sway this man away from getting any type of augment. The medicine was too expensive. The rehabilitation was hell. And no one knew if a person’s body could accept the cybernetic change. They could have moments where the body would attempt to reject the limb or enhancement, or they could be like Darrow and be unable to use any of it.

Adam chuckled, “We’ve been meaning to update the servers, but that’s cyber security’s job.” Hand out, the guard gestured to the stairs with a nod. “Pamphlets, magazines, eBooks, the whole shebang. If you would just follow me—”


The noise caught him off as well. Still, with hand extended out, a small finger gesture was given to the guards standing in the corners of the lobby. Pointing at the door, the small groups set off to find the noise without a word. “We’re never that busy nowadays, you’re fine.You’d be surprised how much this happens. If you please—? Follow me.”

"If you’re sure." The words trickled out slowly, his eyes following the security guards as they approached the front doors. Chris soon returned his full attention to Adam, the interruption from before now forgotten in lieu of promised information, and began climbing up the stairs. "I appreciate the help—really."

It may not look the way he remembered, but Detroit was still Detroit.

The building’s fluorescent lights only seemed to get stronger with each step taken, reflecting off Adam’s shoulders as if to direct the captain’s gaze. Knowing they would soon reach the top, Chris seized the opportunity and studied the man in front of him. Do those arms feel like his arms, he wondered, or more like fastened weights? The captain had done enough research to know that augmentations weren’t just plastic and metal shaped like an arm or a leg, but he couldn’t imagine the sensation being the same.

Better, maybe, but not the same.


"That display down there," the captain suddenly spoke up, hoping to quiet his own thoughts, "the one that said ‘LIMB’—what is that? A division of Sarif?" He hadn’t seen anything about it on the website, but Chris was never good at navigating those things, anyway.

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